1   The first diabolical paradigm is that the government has fictitious laws so that it can do
anything to anyone at any time, in complete disregard for all true bodies of law; including the law
of God as represented by the Ten Commandments; the Constitution of the United States; the
Geneva Conventions and any other relevant or applicable laws. The government is now completely
and totally lawless. According to the criminally treasonous Military Commissions Act of 2006, any
American Citizen, in fact anyone in the world can be declared an enemy combatant and
"disappear," to be tried in secret, by a military tribunal, with secret evidence, hearsay evidence
and evidence obtained through torture. They can then be sentenced to death or imprisonment, also
in complete secrecy. I think of it as the Hitler-Stalin Enablement Act. What more could a
bloodthirsty tyrant want? All it will take now is a declared "national emergency" which then makes
the president absolute dictator under the new policy of the unitary executive. He then becomes a
king and the only sovereign, with the States and the People reduced to subjects and slaves. With
the psychotic, zero tolerance policy, the martial lawlessness will never be rescinded because,
"even one instance of violence, resistance or rebellion will be enough to continue the emergency."
No matter what lies are officially used as an excuse, the object of tyranny is tyranny.

2   The second diabolical paradigm is the following: whenever anyone commits a crime, then all
other people are suspected of committing or wanting to commit that crime and are therefore,
criminal suspects. Only one individual tried to blow up a shoe bomb aboard an airliner, yet all
passengers are now suspected of being potential shoe bombers. Now, all Citizens are guilty until
security forces determine that you are temporarily innocent. No longer are Americans innocent
until proven guilty; rather, we are all considered enemies of the state and must constantly prove
our innocence. After all, we might desire to be free and assert our rights to Liberty. The guns in the
war on terror have swung round and the American People are in the cross hairs. That was always
the main goal of "the war on terror" to begin with; the destruction of Liberty and the enslavement
of the American People. That was the immediate equation that was offered to the public on the very
day of 9-11-2001 by the pundits, "that we must sacrifice our Liberty, our Birthright, for the  safety  
offered us by a top secret, fascist national security state."  We have moved from a retributive
justice system to a preemptive injustice system; the illegal system of tyranny. A complete reversal
.... fascinating.

3   The third diabolical paradigm involves a mass casualty event. If there is such an event,
whether it is nuclear, biological, chemical, or conventional weapons, such an event will trigger (as
an excuse) martial lawlessness. The incident will be a false flag event like 911 so that they can
finally complete the agenda of tyranny. Because of paradigm number two, all Americans will
forever be suspected of wanting to produce such a horrible event, and will be treated like felons.  
Such an event will lead to the big "lockdown" and resistance to the tyranny will always be the
excuse for the perpetuation of the emergency measures,i.e. tyranny.

4   This would happen because Americans have accepted the fourth diabolical paradigm; that
every time there is crime or terrorism, Liberty must be destroyed for the new value of safety.
Tyranny as a solution to crime and terrorism is like putting a fire out with gasoline. In what other
area of life, besides the government,  are people rewarded with more power, money and authority
based on their past failures?

5   The fifth diabolical paradigm is that government failure always results in the government
getting more power and more government. If they didn't fail, their current resources would be
sufficient and nothing more would be necessary. Only through failure, can the government destroy
more Liberty and take more power over our lives. We are forced, at gunpoint, to pay for a corrupt
and incompetent government, that deliberately fails, so that it can destroy our liberty and enslave
us; for our safety!

6   The sixth diabolical paradigm is that the doctrine of preemption does not just apply to the
military's conduct of war in Afghanistan and Iraq, but is being applied to American Citizens. The no
fly list is a preemptive operation. We are now in the age of national security "pre-crime." Guilty
because we say you're guilty; so you cannot fly. Eventually, all data about every individual will be
collated and run through computers with terrorism detection Algorithms which will then spit out a
probability on whether or not you are a potential terrorist. Whatever the criteria is, if your number
is high enough you'll get a swat team or a death squad. You will be preempted. And then, my fellow
Americans, we will be subject to the worst terror imaginable; random, psychotic Stalinist horror.
Just like in 1984, when people would regularly disappear, 'vaporized' as Winston used to say;
erased as if they never existed.

7   The seventh diabolical paradigm is that the government will never stop making new laws to
destroy our liberty and enslave us. Besides the implantable microchip, there are plans to force us
to have neural implants in our brains so we can be completely controlled. Perhaps, each implant
will have a little explosive or poison pellet in it. I can already hear some idiot slave saying, "They
won't release the poison if your'e not having bad thoughts. If you don't have any thoughts to hide
then you have nothing to fear." They won't stop until we're all Borg. I don't think they want happy
Borg, either. Satan doesn't like people to be happy and free.

-Rod Alexander
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