Miac disease is a broad spectrum disease of the soul and personality that leads
to lying and paranoid ideation, often resulting in the desire for senseless
violence against innocent Citizens. Miac individuals are at war with Liberty and
actively pursue their psychotic goals of enslaving the Country and the world. As
part of this process, they are also willing to enslave themselves as well as their
families and friends.

These are very disturbed individuals and should be approached with caution and
handled with care. Actually, you shouldn't ever "handle them" (don't touch!)
because that could get you tasered or shot. And then, you'll be arrested (if you're
still alive) for assaulting a Miac person and resisting arrest.

Miac people have poor emotional control and any interaction with a free Citizen
can send them into a rage. Sometimes, Miac individuals hallucinate guns, knives
and bombs. This can cause a spontaneous Miac attack, where innocent civilians
are mercilessly slaughtered. However, as long as the Miac person hallucinated in
good faith (believed it was real), their senseless violence is permitted.

This leads us to a much bigger problem. Governments, police and military are
being run by Miac people. So, when a Miac person kills innocent Citizens he is
always investigated by other Miacs. That could explain why their shootings are
always justified. If the Miacs can investigate themselves, shouldn't that be our
right also?  Just a thought - don't tase me bro! Don't hate me because I'm truthful.

Miacs live in a delusional world where the founding of the united States was evil
and all the Founding Fathers were criminal terrorists. They attend training
seminars put on by the Miacs at the department of homeland insecurity where
they learn to think like the queen of england; that all Americans are the sons and
daughters of criminals and traitors.

Miac people also believe that they are superior to other human beings that are
not Miacs; a very serious delusional trend. They are evangelistic about this
delusion of Miac Disease and seek to spread their affliction far and wide. Miac
disease is highly contagious and is taking over political, police and military
organizations everywhere.

The Miac people have been training for decades to disarm Americans by force.
There are Patriots who understand this and have stated that they will not allow
this to happen; that they will defend themselves. This leads us to the current
Diabolical Paradigm in which Miacs now live (They Live!):

"Because Patriots think they are going to be attacked and are prepared to
defend themselves, they are a threat to law enforcement. And because they are a
threat to law enforcement they will have to be attacked." ?!  

Oxymoron - Since you think you will be attacked and are prepared to defend
yourself; we will have to attack you. That's just a heck of a thing isn't it?

These Miacs seem like nothing more than a bunch of stupid "mo fos" (moronic
folk). I can't believe these guys have machine gun with access to larger weapons.
Miacs shouldn't be allowed to use a book of matches without adult supervision.

Sorry, I lost my composure there for a minute. A momentary lapse of compassion
for the specially challenged Miac people. It's just too bad that their affliction gets
to become everyone else's problem. Oh well, all we can hope for is to be
prepared, if we're jacked, by a Miac attack.
By Rod Alexander
MIAC Attack
MIAC Delusional Hope
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