Zero tolerance for tyranny -
no exceptions - no excuses!
Just say no to tyranny!
to tyranny!
to tyranny!
to tyranny!
to tyranny!
Zero tolerance for tyranny -
no exceptions - no excuses!
Just say no to tyranny!
Zero tolerance for tyranny -
no exceptions - no excuses!
Just say no to tyranny!
to tyranny!
to tyranny!
If drugs are bad for you, then how much worse is tyranny?
Tyranny is the very worst criminal state of affairs that we
could ever find ourselves in. Tyranny is the complete  
absence of the lawful restraint of  government. Tyranny is
the government led by the unitary executive (a king)
without reference to the lawful parameters of government,
and the individual natural rights that are contained in the
contract, the Constitution.

Tyranny is the absence of law; based on the use of
coercive force. Tyranny is martial lawlessness. Tyranny
reduces us to one law, the law of tyrants everywhere - the
law of violent military force against the people to achieve
the will of the king. Tyranny is a pure form of radical evil
that burns like a fire and consumes people as fuel.

Tyranny is Un-American. Tyranny is Anti-American.
Tyranny is Treason. Tyranny is
Terrorism. Tyranny leads
Mass Murder and Genocide. If we accept tyranny then
we will have been forced to become traitors like those who
would impose tyranny upon us. Tyranny is a betrayal of all
Americans past, present and future. Tyranny is against the
Laws of God for it is based on lies, theft and murder.  

The Country is based on Liberty, not Tyranny. The
government is not the Country. We the People, are the
Country. The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution
with the Bill of Rights -


Stop consenting to tyranny; stop submitting to tyranny;
stop cooperating with tyranny; stop complying with
tyranny; don't participate in tyranny venues (TV) where
they are implementing the police state. Airports are
tyranny venues; train stations; bus stations; sporting
events where they use face scanning cameras and
searches of all the criminal suspects (Citizens). Boycott
all tyranny! What if they had a tyranny venue and nobody

Don't take tracking chips on your vehicles. Don't take the
national ID. Don't ever take an implantable microchip.
Don't get branded by a laser mark on your hand or your
forehead. Don't let you or your loved ones be forcefully
inoculated with eugenic poisons (vaccines). See
MSEHPA.  Avoid checkpoints. Check points will
eventually be called "health and safety" inspections
where the police will be trolling for any type of crime or
extremism, i.e. Love of the Truth and Liberty. Homeland
Insecurity and the Border Patrol are conducting
checkpoints against American Citizens within 100 miles
inland of the border.
CheckPointUSA   Roadblocks

Stop watching the tyranny venue (TV) altogether or at
least stay away from all those police and crime shows.
Those shows are a psychological operation to condition
you to accept a police state. Do you really need to be
told-a-vision through tell-a-vision?

Start standing up for your rights. Let the wicked (the
banksters) know that you're sick and tired of it and
you're not going to take it any more. That we are
innocent, and that governments are guilty, for trying to
impose a treasonous tyranny upon us.  

Tyranny is just not acceptable. Tell those useless
leaders to find another way -

-Rod Alexander
to tyranny!
to tyranny!
to tyranny!
Just say No!
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